17 - 19 November, 2015
Dusit Thani Lakeview Cairo, Cairo, Egypt

Conference Day Two:Wednesday, 18 November 2015

08:30 - 23:59 Day Two

Registration and welcome refreshments
Chairman's Welcome Remarks

Developing Egypt’s hinterland to supply its citizens: The Damietta grain terminal project
· Increasing the volume of imported grain to support a growing population and economy
· Creating value added grain services in order to boost the local economy of Damietta by providing jobs in new industry
· Making the necessary preparations for Egypt to become a net exporter of grain in the coming years
Session reserved for the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade
African Development Bank Perspectives on funding Egyptian mega projects
- Investing in Infrastructure projects in the SCZone to provide citizens with the necessary fundamentals for development
- Visions for Egypt’s future development from an international perspective
- Funding projects from the ground up to provide ample sustainability as the projects evolve
Leila Mokkadem, Country Representative, Egypt, African Development Bank
Developing the hinterland of Damietta Port
- Developing industrial capacity through projects like the grain terminal mega project
- Developing logistical infrastructure links with key players in the supply chain for swift movement of goods
- Increasing port handling capacity using he latest port technologies and techniques
Rear Admiral Ayman Saleh, Chairman, Damietta Port Authority
Coffee and networking break
Panel Discussion: Establishing a multimodal transport network to support transhipment logistics

· Integrating the country’s rail networks with ports in order to facilitate faster movement of goods
· Developing multimodal dry ports in strategic locations to ensure swift movement of goods from one mode of transport to another
· Reducing the present burden on Egypt’s road network in order to improve safety and reduce costs
Panel Moderator: Essam Selim, Director, Ibis Egypt
Panellists: Eng. Khaled Farouk, Former Vice Chairman for Freight, Egyptian National Railways
Samer Ghandour, Senior Manager, Kombiconsult

The creation of a network of river ports in Egypt
- Looking at the proposed network of river ports and the timeline for their construction
- Providing an alternative route for shipment of goods to Cairo to reduce the burden on other means of transport
- Reducing the costs of shipping and helping the environment by moving freight by river
Admiral Reda Ismail, Chairman, River Transport Authority
Geosynthetic Solutions in Civil and Environmental Engineering with special reference to:
 Marine Engineering
 Tunnel Construction
 Soil stabilisation
Eyad Al-Hasan, General Sales & Marketing Manager, ALYAF
Khalid Meccai, Technical Support Manager, ALYAF
The development of new residential areas in the Sokhna region
- Creating state of the art new housing developments in one of the most active areas of the SCZone
- Housing the new inhabitants of the Sokhna’s port and industrial areas in sumptuous luxury
- Using the latest building materials and designs to decrease energy usage and increase the life span of buildings
Dr. Ahmed Shalaby, Managing Director, Tatweer Misr
Networking lunch
Panel Discussion: The successful implementation of Special Economic Zones (SEZs)
· How best to establish the physical infrastructure of SEZs: best practices from around the world
· How the establishment of the SCZone will fit into the Egyptian legal framework
· Advice for the development of the SCZone based on established international best practices for free zone establishment
Moderator: Dr. Ali Yassien, Vice President of high court of Cairo, International Arbitrator- member of London Court of International Arbitration – The Legal Consultant of Palm Hills Development Company
Panellists: Anwar Mohamed, Former Senior Vice President, Economic Zones World, Managing Partner, One Works
Nermine Tahoun, Managing Partner, Tahoun Law Office
Peter Gray, Partner, Kingsgrove Partners

Determining the Best Tugboat Type to Aid Ship Handling In East Port Said Port
· Reviewing tugboat offerings from various manufacturers to assess superior design characteristics
· Looking at larger vessels as the port infrastructure expands and attracts the latest generation of post-panamax vessels
· Expanding the marine facilities at East Port Said as the port expands with the development of the SCZone

Dr. Osama El Morsi, Head of Marine Engineering Department, Port Said Port Authority
Egypt’s role in maximising integration and efficiency of global supply chains
· Examining the impact of the new Suez Canal channel on both Egyptian and global shipping efficiency
· The critical nature of developments in Egypt’s infrastructure as a pinch point in global shipping routes
· Improving port infrastructure in Egypt to further increase the efficiency and appeal of Egypt as a global shipping destination

Salma Abd El Fattah, Economic Analyst, AASTMT
Chairman`s closing remarks and end of conference day two