17 - 19 November, 2015
Dusit Thani Lakeview Cairo, Cairo, Egypt

Ismail Jaber

Industrial Development Authority

General Engineer Ismail Gaberis the Chairman of the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) affiliated toEgyptian Ministry of Foreign Trade, Industry and SMEs. IDA was established bythe Presidential Decree no. 350 of 2005 as a general economic authority to beresponsible for: 1) Enhancing Industrial Sector Investments, 2) ImplementingIndustrial Policies set by the Ministry and its Affiliate, 3) Facilitating andSimplifying industrial licenses’ procedures and 4) Setting and ImplementingPolicies on developing lands for industrial purposes to investors. He is theChairman of Industrial Lands Development and Infrastructure Fund and a BoardMember in:


§ Industrial Modernization Center (IMC)

§ Industrial and Mining Projects Council

§ Arab Authority for Industrialization.

§ Nuclear Materials Authority

§ Industryand Trade Council


Prior to this role he held anumber of technical positions in the Egyptian Armed Forces Militant Engineers’department, the recent of which was the Head of Water Department in ArmedForces. He was graduated from Egyptian Technical Military College in 1981 witha BA in Engineering. Then he has got two diplomas the first is inStandardization and Quality Control in 1989 and the other from USA in EquipmentRepair in 1991. He was awarded his MA of Military Science in 1997.

He was assigned his current role as IDAChairman in April 2014 to lead the institution’s overreaching objective ofSupport the creation and expansion of industrial projects in-line with thenational plans for sustainable development, resource efficiency and highvalue-added industrial output.

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